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david browneOne of Sugano Shihans original students who holds the rank of 6th dan Shihan. Not only is Dave proficient in Aikido but he has also studied Karate, for a livelihood he makes violins and shakuhachi (Japanese Flutes). David was awarded the rank of Shihan at the 2015 Summer School.

David has incorporated his years of study of martial arts and other artistic disciplines into an extraordinary and compelling understanding of Aikido.


A Short Biography of David Browne Sensei from the Montsalvat website and a videos on YouTube, also some articles from martial arts magazines epc1epc2 and No Bull Aikido

"Forced at a young age to work and study Horology (watch and clockmaking). Soon after David had established himself as one of Australia's finest watchmakers, the digital age forced redundancy on the industry and David was forced to reconsider his life aims. 

After traveling to Japan, David heard the shakuhachi flute and was immediately struck by the sheer harmony and purity of its sound. This was to be the beginning of a life spent committed to the practise of music, arts, martial-arts and instrument making in Australia. 

David currently has his workshop at Montsalvat and is recognised as a violin and shakuhachi flute maker of international reputation and calibre. In addition to being a virtuoso performer of the shakuhachi, David has practised other arts from Japan such as Kyudo (archery); for over twenty years; and sumi-e (Japanese ink drawing); in which he has had several exhibitions. 

David is famed for his wonderful wooden flutes that have received the highest praise throughout Japan. His flutes are famous for their reliability, precision, ruggedness and absolute beauty and he constructs each one from unique Australian hard-woods."

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