Glossary of Aikido Terms

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Aikido Attacks

Shomen Uchi - Striking forehead

Yokomen Uchi - Striking side of head

Tsu Ki - Thrusting

Men Tsu Ki - Thrust to head

Giyaku Yokomen - Striking reverse side of head

Katate Tori - Hold one wrist

Riyote Tori - Hold both wrists

Morote Tori - Hold one forearm with both hands

Hiji Tori - Hold elbow

Kata Tori - Hold Shoulder

Riyo Kata Tori - Hold both shoulders

Mune Tori - Hold the chest

Kubishime - Neck Strangulation

Ushiro - From Behind

Tachi Waza - standing techniques

Suwari Waza - kneeling techniques

Hanmi Hantachi - kneeling movement with standing attacker

Jiyu Waza - Free form technique

Tantoh Tori - Defence against knife

Tachi Tori - Defence against sword

Jo Tori - Defence against staff

Ken Suburi - Sword exercise

Jo Dosa - Staff Exercise

Sanin Gake - Three person attack

Atemi - Strike by hand

Kaeshi Waza - Counter attack techniques

Hen Ka Waza - Variation techniques

Ren Zoku Waza - Series Techniques

Hanmi - Basic posture in which one foot is advanced one half step

Ma Ai - The distance between you and your training partner 

Nage - Throw or person being attacked

Uke - Attacker or person receiving the technique

Aikido Techniques

Irimi Nage
Shiho Nage

Kaiten Nage
Tenchi Nage
Koshi Nage
Kote Gaeshi
Kokyu Nage 


Osensei Quotes

Even though our path is completely different from the warrior arts of the past, it is not necessary to abandon totally the old ways. Absorb venerable traditions into this Art by clothing them with fresh garments, and building on the classic styles to create better forms.
Morihei Ueshiba (Osensei)

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